Hi I'm Joshua Taggart  a Cactus Wren Pro Staff Angler. Fishing has always been a passion of mine. Growing up on a small island off the cost of Washington State I got an early jump on the game. Bass Fishing really started to peak my interest in 2011 as it was different than any other sport fishing I had done. It has been long been a philosophy of mine to stick with and support small business. I choose Cactus Wren Outdoors because they produce amazing baits, have an outstanding business philosophy, and are just wonderful stand up people. Not to mention the baits just flat out catch fish! I look forward to a long and evolving relationship with Cactus Wren and working with each other to grow. Click here to read Joshua Taggart's Fishing Talk Blog! Check out my Tournament Series designs with Cactus Wren!
  Hi, I'm David Jacques. Like most people I was born a baby not knowing much about the world he found himself in. My parents told me I was a quick learner. By the time I was three years old, I was able to speak various words that allowed me to communicate with other humans on a basic level. Within that same time frame I quickly mastered the skill of walking, skipping, galloping, and even running short distances of approximately ten yards at a time. That's good enough for a first down in the NFL. Satisfied with my 80% success rate in the potty training category, I decided to put my amazing ability of learning things to use in the bass fishing scene. I spend majority of my morning recess tying Palomar and Albright knots into my friend's shoelaces. My teacher discouraged me this without regard to my future as a bass angler because she "wasted" too much time untying Michael's shoes, and said I was putting my classmates at risk for "tripping while they walk". My grandfather was the one who encouraged me to take my knot tying and other various fishing skills to the lake. This change of scenery really opened up my game as a fisherman. I instantly began catching fish. It didn't matter if I were twitching a popper across the surface, or dragging a Carolina rig across a rocky point. I realized that if only I could trick a bass into eating my lure, I would have no problem catching him. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the world of bass fishing, and know that together we can trick many more bass into eating baits made by the great people at Cactus Wren Outdoors. Don't forget to check out my fishing blog here: http://davejakesfishin.blogspot.com/2015/07/details-of-drop-shot.html
Hi my name is Tom Karavites and I started bass fishing when I was about 12 years old, I had just had my new 10 speed bike stolen and my parents where able to claim it on there home owners policy and when the check came in the asked what I wanted to do with if and I said I want to buy a boat, so we set off and found a 12 Sears boat that would work and a friend had a 4 hp motor that didn't run that he gave to me. once we got the motor to run it was game on, I would go out at daylight and not get in until dark. after I caught my first Bass I was hooked for life. I moved to Arizona in 1980 and started fishing some of the ponds and smaller lakes, in 1985 I move to Payson and started fishing tournaments. I've fished mostly local tournament and have met a lot of great anglers and made so many friends along the way, and most recently I have had the pleasure of meeting Justin and Alex from Cactus Wren Outdoors, who have a great business model and an awesome product to go with that. I now have the opportunity to work with them as a team member and am looking forward to using their baits to both show you all how well they work and to help me in my tournament fishing. Don't forget to check out Cactus Wren Outdoors for their awesome products, and if you see me at the lake please come over and say hi always ready to talk fishing.
 Hello everyone, I'm Brian Soefje. People always ask – how do you say your last name - (/sef-g/).  I grew up in the Texas Hill Country fishing rivers, farm ponds, lakes and occasionally the Gulf of Mexico. My family loved to fish. My first giant bass came from a pond on my Grandfather’s farm. Caught it on a cane pole and my aunt had to hold my belt loop while I fought the beast into submission. That 9+ bass is still my largest to date but that should change with the help of Cactus Wren. I moved to Arizona in 88 and eventually began my own family in 92. Having 4 awesome children left little time to fish but we snuck in some time here and there.  Our family loves the outdoors; we get out and camp all over this great state and even some nearby states. I was introduced to the new sport of kayak fishing 3 years ago and I caught the bug. I enjoy the bass boats but kayak fishing is incredible. You will now see me on an Arizona lake pretty much every weekend and even some weekdays. I have received my Arizona Game and Fish Aquatic Education Instructor certification which allows me to share my knowledge with others in a volunteer capacity. I was introduced to Cactus Wren baits at a local kayak fishing event. I was given some promo worms and they looked promising. On a slow fishing day at Saguaro Lake I tied one of their quail tails on. I was fishing in my friend’s bass boat at the time. For the next 45 minutes, my friend got tired of netting all the bass I caught. All on the same quail tail. That effectiveness and durability sold me. I setup a meeting with Justin and Alex and I was equally impressed with them. Get Hooked on CW – I did. Look forward to enjoying the outdoors with my new extended CW family. Check out my YouTube Channel for more updates on Fishing here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPKpVEN7FwMZJC3kE1VKpg/videos
Hello everyone Clayton Fretwell and Derick Graber here, we are an angling team who love to share our passion for fishing and the outdoors with others. We both grew up in small towns fishing and couldn't wait to spend any opportunity we had catching fish. With us family and friends come first and then fishing, nothing beats building and sharing these memories. Our passion isn't just bass fishing, but all species we can catch on hook and line .If there is water and and fish to be caught freshwater or salt water you'll find us there! We took too many years off fishing but reconnected to our roots about 8 years ago and dove into bass fishing head on. Our friendship and brotherhood allowed us to rely on each others strengths when fishing together. We fished urban tournaments ran by a small group and won 9 out of 11 tournaments the first season. We did not have much experience on Arizona lakes but knew we wanted and needed the challenge. June 2014 we bought our first bass boat and immediately got to work. We fished the 2014/2015 "Lets Talk Fishin" tournaments and ended 6th in points for the season, a true humbling experience. We met Alex and Justin through these tournaments and knew we'd gained lifelong friends. They shared their amazing baits with us and we were able to see immediate results from there proprietary organic scent and creative soft plastics. We look forward to a long prosperous relationship with Cactus Wren because their baits are the reaction we've been waiting for. Click here http://triple3az.blogspot.com/ to read more about Clayton's Fishing, Family and everything in between! 

Hi there I'm Colby Seaux pronounced /so/, the first teen Angler on the Cactus Wren pro-staff team. I've been fishing my entire life and have been doing tournaments for almost a year. I am in the phoenix junior bass masters and fishing the high school bass masters next season bass fishing plays a huge part of my life. I love to help give back to the fishing community in as many ways as I can.

Hi I am Dale Yeager. I am a born and bred native Arizonan, Chandler. My lovely fiance' Jennifer and her two kids, Lilly and Hayden keep me sane (sometimes) and on August and on August 14th 2017 my own little ball of love will be born. Annabelle Jane Yeager. I started fishing at whatever age my Dad felt he had the patience, So I was probably about 25.  Just kidding, I caught my fish largemouth bass at 5 years old. I am an avid outdoorsman; if I am not fishing I am most likely hunting or making lures in my garage. What was that? Oh yeah, I own and operate www.yegerbaitcompany.com out of my garage. Maybe you have heard of us "simple patters that simply catch fish." If you haven't swing by our website today. The wren family and I have been friends for many years now and we strive to help each other grow. On the water I used o be all about the glitter rockets, until I found the world of Hobie Kayak Fishing. While I still run a Ragin Cajun 185 time to time, you will most likely see me on the water on my Hobie PA12. Stop and Say hi if you ever see me, I love to make new fishing buds!

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Hoffmier and I've been fishing since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I was born in former West Germany and grew up in upstate New York in a small town of Portville. Growing up, I spent the majority of my free time fishing, hunting or just being out and enjoying nature. I remember my old stomping ground used to be this little pond and would catch large mouth, yellow perch, panfish of all varieties and of course the occassional turtle. Right behind this pond was the Allegheny River which had pike, pickeral, musky and tiger musky. One time when I was fishing from a old beaver dam on the river, I caught a 5 foot pike and that joker took darn near a hour to reel it in. I moved out to AZ in 1998 and went in the Marine Corps that same year. I fished a little bit when I was stationed at Camp Lejuene,  NC out at Onslow Pier for salt water critters as well as when I was stationed in Okinawa. I remember catching some huge squid while fishing in the East China Sea. During my time in the Corps, I served in various commands and did 4 tours to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I retired early in 2013 after serving 15 years and 9 days and moved back to Lake Havasu City.
I just recently got back into fishing a few years ago. During that time I flew up to AK to fly fish for salmon and have 1 more species of them to catch, the king. I enjoy fishing either from my kayak, boat or shore. I am an avid catfish angler with a sincere passion for flatheads and my current record is a 32.6. I made a move into bass fishing a few months ago and have been doing quite successful. I am still learning a lot about them and the various techniques and tricks to catch them. My current record is a 9lb large mouth. I have been using cactus wren baits extensively and have caught (and released) quite a few quality fish. These can be seen on my IG page @azflieguy or the lake havasu fishing crews facebook page. I am currently in the process of getting youtube channel up and operational, stand by for tutorials, reviews, techniques and fishing videos.I am thrilled to be working with and alongside cactus wren outdoors and fellow team mates. If you want to link up and go fishing sometime, just let me know. I can be emailed at hoffmiermp@gmail or reach me online. God bless and have a wonderful day.

Hi there, my name is Ben, otherwise known as One Handed bassin. I started fishing when I was 4yrs old with my grandpa. That's when I got HOOKED! Unfortunately, two years later I got hit by a car, and as a result, I lost the mobility of my right arm. That being said, I didn't let that stop me from doing what I love! Over the years I've figured out new techniques, like reeling with my pinky. Hate to brag, but I've gotten pretty good at it. Next was learning how to fish from my kayak...now that was a hard one! Between paddling with one arm, and trying not to flip, it was a challenge, but I persevered. I just stayed focused, and finally I got the hang of it. My goal is to inspire others, and make it known that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it.

"The reaction you've been waiting for!"